Profound Quality
Nothing beats the quality of our
product & workmanship

Time Is Of The Essence
Known for our emergencies response at
anytime in any situation possible.

Our Values Salient

Our Mission

Leverage our local and global expertise to be a leading mechanical maintenance solutions for our customers by delivering high quality , innovative, and world-class products and services: while maintaining the highest standard of governance
and ethics.

Our Vision

Providing exceptional solutions of
mechanical maintenance with extending
comprehensive services such as priceless
consultation and extensive after
sales services.

What’s New

For the past numbers of years, IOS Ventures has grown tremendously; metaphorically, from being an all you can eat buffet to a fine dining eight meal course , served with the highest quality of ingredients with topnotch waitering services from head to toe. Can you just imagine? So what’s new with IOS Ventures?

Here’s how its laid out. We have manage to obtain and gather experienced professional to join the company and had decided to specialized in four main areas in which they are interrelated.

In discovering the strength and pull factor of each areas, this has brought to our attention that it is time to be more focal of what actually our customer wants. And yes. We hear you. IOS Ventures took its major step in upholding the agency of a product that is well know world wide and has brought it to Malaysian shores for your maintenance solutions. With appropriate investment, backed up with a high quality management team, IOS Ventures has managed to cater not only planned routine maintenance but also emergencies situation that are unforeseen.

Our Product & Services